Digital Claim

Automating claim recovery for insurance providers

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What We Do

We service travel & health insurance companies in claim recovery. Using machine learning and our proprietary claim software we are able to reduce costs and create incremental revenue from existing claim portfolios of our clients.

The claim engine

Turn your paper claims into a fully digitised claim database

  • Data import and classification with OCR/ICR
  • Machine learning with clustering and linguistic analysis for information extraction
  • Highly dynamic database structure

Automate claim recovery with the help of our proprietary claim software

  • Automation of claim recovery process using┬ádynamic logic / decision trees / pattern recognition
  • Integration of legal know how into claim processing
  • Risk management integration

Fully integrated with insurance processes and regulations

  • Full accounting & payments integration
  • Compliant with current data protection rules & regulations
  • Full reporting modules available

Use Cases

Travel insurance

Claim recovery for luggage damage


Our client, an international travel insurer, wants to recover part of the claims payments for damaged luggage from the airline. The claims are of small value and can currently only be handled as paper files.

Digital Claim solution:

  • Digitise claims data with OCR/machine learning tool
  • Create automated claim filing processes to airline
  • Maximise recovery revenue through legal support

Health insurance

Claim recovery from additional insurances


Our client, a global health insurer, wants to recovery claim payments from additional insurances (i.e. credit card insurance) of it’s policy holders. Filing of claims with other insurances is currently handled manually by insurance clerks with lack of legal know-how.

Digital Claim solution:

  • Created automated claim filing processes
  • Specified opportunities within legal framework
  • Created regulatory reporting mechanism for insurer

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